Konjović memorial collection Pavle Beljanski in Novi Sad

February 06, 2018

In the framework of celebration of the City of Novi Sad, on February 1 this year, the screening of the documentary "anniversary - 100 years of the birth of Milan," began the celebration of the Jubilee

The one-hour documentary TV film, the author Snezana Subic, who himself was present as the cinematographer of the film and director, is the creativity of Milan through the interpretation of the famous historian of art Catherine Ambrozić and Irma Lang - long Warden "Milan Konjović" in Sombor, Andrew Tišme, Mico Popovic, Mira Vuksanovića, but also personal testimony about the famous painter art and life circumstances that influenced his work. Milan Konjović (Sombor, January 28, 1898 - Sombor, October 20, 1993), while staying in Prague, Vienna and Paris, as well as in his native Sombor, formed a distinctive expressionist. Since the early years specifically devoted to Paris, participated in the Salon of 1926, and exhibiting over 300 exhibitions, and his works have participated and 700 group exhibitions at home and abroad. He was a member of the art group "Form" and "Twelve", a participant in the establishment and work of art colonies (Senta, Backa Topola, Bečej, Ečka), director of the City Museum in Sombor and a great friend of Pavle Beljanski. Milan Konjović is represented in the collection of Paul Beljanski with 8 artworks. After the death of the collector in 1965.

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