“Konjović in Belgrade”

November 01, 2010

On Friday, October 29, there was a promotion of the monograph “Konjović – At Close Range” by Irma Lang at the National Gallery in Belgrade. At the same time, an exhibition of Milan Konjović’s paintings, named “Colours“, was opened.

The National Gallery in Belgrade (1 Dositejeva St.) had the honour to be the first in a planned series to promote the monograph "Konjović – At Close Range" by Irma Lang and to mark this event with appropriate programme.

There was a press conference with reporters from daily and weekly newspapers, radio and TV stations. The conference was held the day before the opening of the exhibition. Sava Stepanov (an art historian) and Peter Mraković (the director of the “Milan Konjović” Gallery), along with the author, Irma Lang, participated in the conference.

For the promotion, the National Gallery has organized an exhibition of Milan Konjović’s paintings, named “Colours”. The exhibition consists of 22 paintings from private collections, dating from 1930-1940. The exhibition was opened by Miroslav Rodić, the director of the National Gallery, Irma Lang, the author of the Monograph, and Peter Mraković, the director of the “Milan Konjović” Gallery.

The exhibition was opened on October 29, and will run for 20 days.

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