The Painting of Drama and Passion

May 05, 2010

The new thematic exhibition, created by Nebojša Vasić, was opened by Igor Rill, an art historian, on Friday, April 30, in the exhibition space on the ground floor of the Gallery.

The first bibliographic unit about Milan Konjović dates from 1914. According to the artist’s own words, he experienced the nature mysticism in the forest. Forests reminded him of cathedrals; they evoked the solemn and supreme feelings in him.

“When he gets inspired by a landscape of Vojvodina, Konjović frees himself from it; he paints his experience and his feelings. In his inner space everything is stormy, passionate, tumbled, displaced and reduced to general expression. His image of Vojvodina is so personal and so generalized that it can represent any landscape” — Lazar Trifunović outlined in his famous work “Reality and Myth in the Painting of Milan Konjović”.

It was this kind of Milan Konjović’s painting that has inspired the author of the exhibition, Nebojša Vasić, to give the exhibition such a name, and to choose 28 oils on hardboard, made between 1960 and 1984, showing ripe wheat under a treeless hill, wheat with sun eclipse, maize, haystacks in Baranja, draw–wells, farms and sunflowers and images of gardens, fields and saline soils painted in Doroslovo and Kupusina.

The exhibition was opened by Igor Rill, an art historian from Belgrade, on Friday, April 30, at 6 p.m. in the exhibition space on the ground floor of the “Milan Konjović” Gallery.

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