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“Milan Konjović” Gallery in Sombor was opened on September 10, 1966 with the collection of 500 selected works of Milan Konjović. These works were given by the artist himself as a present to his hometown Sombor with this motto:

“These paintings, my beloved ones,
I give to my hometown with all my love,
for they belong to it only”.

Building was built upon the foundations of a Biedermeier–style house, where Ferdinand Plank opened the first chemist’s shop in town in 1766. In 1838 the building was renewed by Emil Gale for the needs of pharmacy. From early on and until the start of the Second World War, when this building was demolished and got today’s appearance; there were annexed parts next to the building. In 18th and 19th century, the physiognomy of the town core was formed with three squares, town streets and parts of some circling streets. “Milan Konjović” Gallery, as part of the “Wreath” (the town core with the streets around it), was declared as the cultural property of special importance.

Gallery building

There are 1084 selected works of Milan Konjović in the Gallery and they give insight into the painter’s opus. So far, his works have been presented in 12 retrospective exhibitions and about 50 occasional thematic exhibitions. The Gallery organizes numerous exhibitions of Milan Konjović’s works both in Serbia and abroad. The Gallery is of extraordinary importance for the town’s culture and art admirers. Even though the gallery had more than half a million visitors so far, more and more people show interest in maestro’s works.

Gallery interior

According to its work programme, “Milan Konjović” Gallery has got two thematic exhibitions annually, and the retrospective exhibition is being changed every third year.

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