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    Price (RSD)
Serigraphs Framed serigraphs 16.000
Unframed serigraphs 14.000
Reproductions and posters
Reproductions Framed reproductions - 50x70 cm 2.950
Unframed reproductions - 50x70 cm 950
Framed reproductions - 35x50 cm 1.200
Unframed reproductions - 35x50 cm 450
Framed posters 3.500
Publications  Monograph "Konjović at Close Range" - Irma Lang 2.500
 Milan Konjović The Catalogue of Works - Irma Lang 2.000
 Both books by Irma Lang 4.000
Monograph — Lazar Trifunović 800
Monograph — Katarina Ambrozić 800
Milan Konjović’s Century —Miroslav Josić Višnjić 450
Milan Konjović Bibliography 500
Catalogues of thematic exhibitions 50
The Catalogue of the 11th Permanent Exhibition 100
Virtual Gallery of the 12th permanent exhibition on CD sold out
Proceedings on the Work of Milan Konjović 150
Other Post cards 50
Magnets 100

Due to the impossibility of receiving payment, we do not send the offered items abroad.

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