In the “Milan Konjović” Gallery, there are 1084 selected works of the artistGallery interior which give insight into his complete opus. So far, his works have been presented in 12 retrospective exhibitions and about 50 occasional thematic exhibitions. The Gallery organizes numerous exhibitions of Milan Konjović’s works both in Serbia and abroad. Visited by more than half a million people, the Gallery is of extraordinary importance for the culture of the town of Sombor and the region. Therefore, the Gallery is an inevitable place to visit.

Milan KonjovićThere are more than 6000 works in the remarkable opus of Milan Konjović: oil paintings, pastels, temperas, aquarelles, drawings, tapestries, stage designs, costume sketches, stained glass windows, mosaics, and graphics. He created a recognizable personal expressionist temperament style, and became fully recognized at 294 one–man and 693 group exhibitions in Yugoslavia and numerous cultural centres in Europe (Prague, Budapest, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Athens, Moscow) and the world (Sao Paolo, New York, San Francisco…).

Ripe Wheat, Slope, MaizeThe artistic path of Milan Konjović began with the so–called “early phase”during his education in Central Europe. While being in Paris, colour became an essential element of his painting, and the first masterpieces of his “blue phase” were created there. Upon his return to homeland, this phase was displaced by the passionate “red phase” with paintings of landscapes and people of Vojvodina and Dubrovnik. The war and imprisonment subdued colours of his “gray phase”. 1953 was the artist’s turning point: his attitude towards the subject became freer and the “colouristic phase” works were dominated by pure, intense colours. This artistic orientation culminated in the “associative phase”, the ripest period of the artist’s creativity. The “Byzantine phase”, formed in his late years, was inspired by Byzantine icons and frescoes. This period has closed the circle of Konjović’s artistic creation.

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