Financial Means for the Exhibition of Drawings

September 09, 2010

Provincial Secretariat for Culture announced the Competition for co–financing programmes and projects in the field of contemporary art in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in 2010.

After the end of the Competition, according to the Decision of this secretariat, the “Milan Konjović” Gallery in Sombor was given the amount of RSD 100,000 to co–finance a thematic exhibition from the opus of Milan Konjović’s drawings and graphics that are in the possession of the Gallery.

The exhibition will consist of 28 portrait and nude studies, which were made in Prague between 1919 and 1920.

Unlike Konjović’s oil paintings, his drawings are less known. It is mainly because the painter, while he was still alive, very rarely exhibited them and hardly anyone has seen them. The first interest for the drawings was shown the establishment of the Gallery in 1966. Through his drawings, Konjović wanted to demonstrate his development.

These facts described in the Project attracted the attention of the provincial committee and made them recognize the importance of allocating requested financial resources to this Project.

The City of Sombor has also recognized the value and importance of this exhibition and will co–finance this Project. The realization of this exhibition is expected in late October this year.

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