Milan Konjović’s Paintings in Vienna

November 14, 2014

An exhibition of paintings “Premonition, Blood and Hope - Examples of Art in Vojvodina and Serbia 1914-2014” was opened last night in the Künstlerhaus Gallery, Vienna.

The exhibition is divided into three parts. The first part, “Milan Konjović at the Crossroads of Serbian Art (1914 -2014)” simultaneously displays Konjović’s initiatives and influences in the Serbian art of that period. The second part is “Fatal Nineties – Opposing the Chaos” and the third one is “After 2000, Transition in Art - Art in Transition”. The exhibition was organized by the “Bel Art” Gallery from Novi Sad together with the Künstlerhaus Gallery from Vienna. It was supported by the Secretariat of Culture and Information of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Opening ceremony

Slaviša Grujić, Provincial Secretary for Culture and Information, Peter Zawrel, PhD, the director of the Künstlerhaus Gallery and Ernst Woller, a member of the City Council of Vienna in charge of the cultural affairs addressed the visitors.

Goran Bradić, the cultural attaché, addressed the visitors on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Austria. The author of the exhibition, Sava Stepanov (an art critic) gave a short speech about the exhibition.

Milan Konjović, Barake u logoru, 1941.

This exhibition includes 13 paintings from the collection of the “Milan Konjović” Gallery from Sombor, covering the entire opus of Milan Konjović.

Milan Konjović, Semering, 1917.

The exhibition is open for visitors from 14 November 2014 until 4 January 2015 in the Künstlerhaus Gallery, Karlsplatz 5, Vienna, Austria.

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