Multimedia project “Milan Konjović - Inspiration Today”

November 15, 2010

After the end of the Competition ‘Funds for programmes for children’, announced by the town of Sombor, the Association of Townspeople “My Sombor” was granted funds for a multimedia project: “MILAN KONJOVIĆ - INSPIRATION TODAY”.

Partners in this project are Sombor’s primary schools and the “Milan Konjović” Gallery.

The aim of this project is to familiarize primary school children with the works of the great Sombor-born painter who is famous not only in Serbia, but also worldwide.

The Gallery submitted a letter to all the Sombor’s primary schools, with a request to choose one pupil (from fifth to eighth grade), who would, along with the art teacher from the school, participate in the project.

This workshop will be held in the Gallery on Thursday, November 18 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The workshop will consist of several parts:

All the works will be included in the catalogue and presented at a joint exhibition, where the most successful works will be declared and appropriately rewarded. All the participants will be there along with their parents, the principals of the schools involved, townspeople of Sombor... in short, those who love contemporary art for children and those who love our town Sombor.

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