Promotion of the Milan Konjović Monograph

October 11, 2010

The new Monograph is a major edition of this cultural institution, and was created as a result of years of work (of both the artist and the Gallery). The painting of Milan Konjović is one of the most significant phenomena in the entire history of Serbian and Yugoslav art. The creativity of the Sombor–born artist spread almost over the entire twentieth century — his first paintings were made at the very beginning of the second decade of the twentieth century, and the last works were made in the early nineties, just before his death in 1993.

After finishing the Competition for publication of capital works in the field of culture, the Ministry of Culture of Serbia allocated 480,000 RSD to our Gallery for completion of Milan Konjović Monograph by Irma Lang from Sombor.

The book will be published in a few days, and its public promotion will be held in the hall of Županija - The Prefecture Building (1, Emperor Uroš Square / Trg cara Uroša 1) in Sombor on October 22, 2010 at 5 p.m.

As a part of the promotion of the book, there will be an exhibition of Milan Konjović’s drawings called “The Prague Alphabet”. The exhibition will be opened in the “Milan Konjović” Gallery (2, Saint Trinity Square / Trg Svetog Trojstva 2) on the same day as the promotion at 7 p.m. The exhibition was helped by the City of Sombor and the Provincial Secretariat for Culture in Novi Sad.

This exhibition will consist of 28 study drawings (mostly portrait and nude studies) which were made in Prague between 1919 and 1920.

After the welcoming words of the Mayor of Sombor, Mr Nemanja Delić, and the Director of the „Milan Konjović“ Gallery, academically trained sculptor Mr Peter Mraković, it is expected that the promotion of the Monograph will be opened by the Minister of Culture, Mr Nebojša Bradić. It is also expected that the exhibition will be opened by the Provincial Secretary for Culture, Mr Milorad Đurić.

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