The Exhibition of Milan Konjović's Paintings Opened in Sombor

December 15, 2012

The exhibition “100 Years of Milan Konjović's Creativity – The Initial Destinations of Milan Konjović: Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Paris” was opened in the "Milan Konjović" Gallery on Friday, 14 December 2012.

The visitors were addressed by Peter Mraković, the director of the "Milan Konjović" Gallery and Sava Stepanov, the author of the exhibition. The exhibition was opened by Milorad Đurić, the Deputy Provincial Secretary for Culture and Public Information.

The exhibition includes Milan Konjović’s paintings which were exhibited in Paris and Prague this year, the paintings made in Vienna and Budapest and the drawings from the family collection.

The exhibition will be open for a month.

The renovated space on the ground floor of the Gallery was also presented to the visitors.

The visitors are now able to see a part of the archival documentation related to the life and work of Milan Konjović, owned by the Gallery.

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